This glossary includes acronyms and terms likely to be used within the SJEM community and throughout our website and blog content.


Within SJEM, the following acronyms are common:

SJEM (pronounced s-jem, Social Justice Education Movement)

FW (Fellow Worker) - How IWW members traditionally address each other (e.g. FW Lucy Parsons, or FW Ben Fletcher).

GDC (General Defense Committee) - An organization composed of IWW members and supporters whose function is to organize for the defense of the IWW and the working class as a whole.

GMB (General Membership Branch) - A chartered body of IWW members located in a local geographic area composed of workers from many different industries, (IE, Twin Cities GMB).

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) - our union, which aspires to organize all members of the working class into industrial unions, to destroy capitalism, and create a better world. A common mistake understands this acronym as the ‘international workers of the world,’ which is redundant, if you think about it.

OT (Organizer Training) - OT101, OT102, IWW trainings on workplace organization.

AEIOU (Agitate, Educate, Inoculate, Organize, Union) - Template to guide one-on-one conversations about organizing. AEIOU is taught as a part of the IWW Organizer Training 101.

SJEF (Social Justice Education Fair) - annual one-day fair during MEA week offering youth panels, speakers, and workshops on social justice issues


Within the local public schools, the following acronyms are common:

AE (associate educator) - A support professional that works in a variety of functions such as “Family Liason” or “Behavior Dean”.

SEA (special education assistant) - A support professional that works in the special education department of public schools (title varies across districts).

SRO (school resource officers) - A police officer that works in schools.

MFT (Minnesota Federation of Teachers) - The union for teachers in Minneapolis public schools.

ESP (Education Support Professional) - A chapter of MFT that encompasses support staff in Minneapolis Public Schools such as AEs and SEAs.

SPFT (St Paul Federation of Teachers) - The union for teachers in St Paul public schools.