In-School Organizing

We believe the real change that we need can only occur when staff, parents, and students realize the real power that we have to come together and transform our schools from the inside out, in spite of the structures that make us believe that this isn’t our place.

In practice, that means talking about the injustices, challenges, and triumphs we experience in our schools. It means educating ourselves about the struggles already going on across the cities and the structures that reinforce our messed up system. It means going to and IWW organizer training and applying those lessons to our schools. It means sharing resources and strategies that can promote social justice in our school communities for our students and staff. It means learning how to organize our communities in order to push for those changes that we need, and preparing for the resistance we may meet from people invested in the status quo. It also means supporting each other, laughing together, and eating together. If you are interested in joining us in our missions to make schools the supportive, just, and inspiring communities they should be for students and workers, send us a message.

What we’ve accomplished:



We supported our fellow educators as they organized to remove a bully principal from a local Twin Cities school. We worked to create safer and less corrupt learning environments for staff and students. 


We supported TC educators as they organized a successful campaign for a clean learning environment for their students free of mouse droppings and other environmental hazards. 


We supported staff as they organized a successful campaign to change the suspension policy in their school.