About the IWW

The IWW is a revolutionary worker union built on the belief that through educating and organizing ourselves, we the people can create a world where we run our own lives, in harmony with the earth and each other. We believe that our greatest power lies in the labor we do - both to refuse work that is against the interest of our class, like racist curriculum or standardized testing, or to do our work differently, like changing the curriculum or how we do discipline in our schools.


The IWW shook history in the early 1900s by organizing unskilled workers - women and men, people of color, immigrants, and American born - for better conditions and a different world, changing the labor movement and generating a powerful legacy of struggle. More recently, the IWW has come back into the mainstream with organizing work in service, prisons, and community self-defense around police brutality and the rise of Trump.

The IWW is a bottom-up organization with local branches across the United States and world, with international committees to support organizing training, coordinate work, etc. We are directly democratic and are completely self-funded, which gives us the power to do our work the way it needs to be done. The Twin Cities Branch has a business meeting the first Tuesday of every month. Those here who are IWW members would be happy to talk with you about our organization anytime or after this meeting.